Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Man

man valentine's day giftGetting a beautiful, well-thought-of gift from a significant man this Valentine’s is a dream of many women. However, wouldn’t it be nicer (and sweeter) if you come up with a great gift for your man as well? Follow our interesting gift suggestions and you just might find the perfect gift for your perfect man.

Perfume or cologne – Matching the right fragrance for the right season and the right personality may take quite a while, but what’s important is that you are giving your man a scent that would signify his manliness, as well as your desire for him.

Flowers – Believe it or not, most men dream of getting flowers from their women but only a few actually get them on Valentine’s Day. A full bouquet of red roses is a sure-fire hit, but you could also ask your florist if they also provide flower garlands.

Picnic basket – Buy a picnic basket and fill it with of fruits, snacks, and a bottle of champagne. Invite him for an outdoor picnic to a really secluded place.

Chocolate kisses – You can either buy a boxful of these miniature sweet delights or include them in your picnic basket. Remember, these sweets are best consumed when shared.

Lingerie for him and you – Be sure what type of underwear your man prefers. It can either be a high-quality pair of tidy-whities that would fit him perfectly, a set of silk boxers, or some printed boxer briefs. Also, make sure that the underwear you would buy for yourself would match in color with what you would buy him.

Scented oils – These aromatic essences are great gifts for that romantic evening. Use several drops and apply on his body while you give him a sensual massage.

Tech gadgets – If your man is into technology and gadgets, why not scour through related magazines for the latest "toys" that he would surely enjoy playing. Although iPods can be your best best, consider other products that might suit his interests–and your budget as well.

Anything personalized – The possibilities are endless. You can give him personalized bathrobes, champagne glasses, mouse pad, brief case, coffee mugs, silver jewelry, anything that you can engrave, embroider, or print his name or photo on it.


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