Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Women

woman valentine's day giftAre you looking for a great Valentine gift that would please the woman in your life? Whether you are just dating, engaged, or married, the gifts that create the best impressions are the traditional ones. Examples of which are roses, chocolates, perfume, and jewelry. However, there are other great gift ideas that you’re woman would surely delight.

Heart pendant – Have a pair of custom-made heart pendant that is broken in half, which each of you would wear. It gives your girl a sense of security that you would remain loving and loyal to her.

Tech gadgets – Some women are drawn into the technological wave and like to remain updated with their gadget stash. The latest iPods may be your best bet, but also check out technology magazines for other great gadgets that your special someone might be interested in.

Sexy lingerie – Make sure that the size would fit her and the design would fit her personality. Best color choice would be red to symbolize romance. Another great color would be white for purity and innocence.

Hand-made love cards and poems – Pluck her heart strings with something that you do with yourself (or copied from the Net, they won’t notice). Make your love greeting card colorful and alive. Meanwhile, try practicing the love poem days before you tell it to her.

Message in a bottle – Another creative way to show your words of love is by partially filling a clear bottle with beach sand, put a rose in it (making sure that the flower fits inside the bottle), and a roll of paper containing your love poem. Don’t forget to put a cork to seal the bottle. You can either put it in her luggage, on her vanity mirror, or let it float in the bathtub for her to see before taking a shower.

Anything personalized – Any item can be personalized and added that Valentine flavor to suit your partner well. Materials range from silver jewelry, coffee mugs, pillows, bathrobes, among others.


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