Announcing Your Engagement

announcing engagementAnnouncing your engagement not only builds up some excitement but also some anxiousness. Annoying the engagement also follows a certain etiquette which follows an order to whom to tell first.

The sudden announcement may cause different emotions from people you know. Some may feel happy, some may fell shocked maybe, while some may not know how to feel at all. Knowing how to break the news to the people you know will help make it easier to sink in, so to say.

Announcing your engagement to your kids

In trying to announce your engagement, there are some order to follow on who to tell first. First on the list would be your children. If you already have kids from a previous marriage or relationship, the first ones who should know about your engagement would surely be your kids. Such an announcement would surely come as a shock to your kids, especially if you haven’t prepared the prior to the announcement.

The sudden the announcement, the harder it would be for your kids to accept. It is important for you to gradually give your kids the notion of your plans to remarry way before breaking the engagement announcement to them. This will them take the news better. Try also to assure your kids that nothing will replace them in your heart.

Annoucing the engagement if you parents

If you have no kids yet, then your parents would be the obvious choice of whom to first announce your engagement. It is customary that the bride-to-be’s parents be informed first followed by the future groom’s parents.

A personal visit to the parents home is suggested. But if the parents live a distance off, then the initial engagement announcement made over the phone may be good enough. When giving out the news, it is also important that the couple should be present together.

Annoucing your engagement to your relatives

The next people of whom to announce your engagement would be your close relatives. Even if you wish to surprise many of them all at once, you should also consider the hurt that some of them might feel if you informed them later than everybody else.

A family reunion might be a good way to inform close relatives all at once or telling them over the phone might also do. Next in line would be your close friends. Usually a phone call or an informal meet up would be sufficient for the engagement announcement for your friends.

Announcing your engagement in the newspaper

You can also announce your engagement to a greater number of people by placing it on your local newspaper. This will serve as an announcement of your engagement to your own community as well as to other people not included in your previous announcements.

But make sure that you make the engagement announcement over the local newspaper after you have already announced the news to those close to you. Your loved ones may feel left out when they find out about the announcement in the local newspaper instead from you personally.


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