Creative Marriage Proposals

marriage proposalWedding proposals, like special occasions in life, need a good looking backdrop to complete that ideal event. Here are some locations worth a look if you are planning to set the stage where he will go down on his knees and she will be replying with an enthusiastic "Yes!"

Taking a cue from movies, the orange hue of the autumn in New York provides a picturesque image. If you are inclined to follow Hitch’s idea, then Ellis Island might be a good spot for you. The Montauk Lighthouse in Long Island is a romantic place at the figurative edge of the world.

For the bookish, there is the New York Public Library. It is also recommended as a wedding location. Another New York haunt worth considering is East Hampton.

Generic places like a vineyard or an old barn give that rustic touch. There was one time where a wedding reception was held on an underground wine cellar. For this occasion though, set up a table for two with a bottle of wine, of course, and the token string quartet. If you are an Elvis Presley fan, why not let out your inner hound dog and propose right inside the Graceland Mansion of The King?

For the adventurous, one could ride a gondola in Venice, Italy or propose at the Sydney Harbour Bridge. For those who prefer something Oriental, heading to Japan during the Sakura season might make her unleash her inner geisha to him.


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