How to Buy a Diamond Engagement Ring

buying engagement ringEngagement Rings come in a variety of styles. There are several design to choose from when it is time to purchase your engagement ring. Solitaire tiffany setting, Solitaire cathedral setting, Setting with baguette diamonds, Diamond trinity setting, and a Channel setting ring are some of the most basic designs out there. If you’re not sure what to get, we suggest a Solitaire in white gold, that is usually the most popular.

Solitaire Tiffany Setting

Often the most popular due to it’s simplicity. This ring is basically just a band (usually between 1.5mm-3mm wide) with a claw setting placed in the center. If you are not sure what to get your bride-to-be, this makes a wonderful engagement ring and the setting can be replaced later if she doesn’t like design without much expense.

Solitaire Cathedral Setting

This ring is also popular. There is a band, very similar to the Solitaire Tiffany Setting. The difference is where the diamond is. To the left and right of the diamond, the band splits into two. On the bottom it meets to join and create the inside "band". On the top, it rises upwards to the diamond to give it an illusion of being set deeper into the ring. The "rising" of the ring on the sides is what gives it the "Cathedral" name.

Setting with Baguette Diamonds

It’s popular due to it’s simplicity. If you want a diamond ring with side diamonds but are on a budget, this may suit you well because the baguette shape diamonds are not usually that large (and expensive).

Diamond Trinity Ring

Popular anniversary ring due to it’s "Past, Present and Future" sentiment. It has always been a classic design for engagement rings as well.

Channel Setting Ring

This is one of the most popular designs that use side diamonds. The channel set diamonds can be round, princess shape, or baguette. Channel setting gives the illusion that the diamonds are suspended and looks quite breathtaking if all the diamonds match well in size and quality.

If the diamonds do not match well in size, the channels on the sides may appear slightly "wavy" and will not look as nice, so play close attention when purchasing jewelry that is channel set with multiple diamonds.


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