How to Buy an Engagement Gift

engagement giftBuying a gift for someone you have known for quite some time should be a breeze. What makes the choice taxing is that you plan to take your relationship to a different level. Here are some ideas to go along with that engagement ring.

As with most engagement ideas, the first thing to consider is the personality of your partner. Think of something significant in your relationship. Let him or her be reminded of special moments you shared together. An example would be is to collect all the pictures that you have and turn it into a collage then have it framed. On the same vein, you could produce an audio-visual program of your love story that you could also present during the wedding reception.

Something old school for the new age is for a couple that met online handwrite a love letter then have it framed for posterity. A similar idea could be a book of poems. For those who want to be practical, give each other a piggy bank to store money for the second honeymoon after the wedding.

For gender specific presents, nothing beats jewelries for girls. The bigger the rock, the better. Diamonds, are after all, a girl’s bestfriend. For those who are more risque, buying a nice lingerie for her would be a turn on. Something skill-enriching like cooking lessons would also be appreciated.

On the other side of the coin, photography lessons or some other hobby that interests the guy could be a way to go. Handing him a Kama Sutra manual would not disappoint the both of you.

Another suggestion could be to give time. For example, find time to cook for the partner a splendid meal. This may be an intangible gift but the memory could last forever.

It would be preferred if the gift is something personal, made with love, and has significance in the relationship.


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