How to Buy Engagement Ring

engagement ringAn engagement ring is a symbol of undying love and affection towards that special someone. However, it is a big investment and buying one can be a tedious task especially if the guy does not have an idea about engagement rings. Here are some great tips in purchasing a perfect engagement ring that fits your budget perfectly.

Check your budget – Jewelry salespeople sometimes tend to get sneaky by implying that the amount of a man’s love is shaped by how expensive the engagement ring is. You actually need to determine how much you will spend on a ring before even entering the store. Rule of thumb recommends that you should spend at least two months worth of your salary, but you can lower it further down if you like.

Know how your woman likes it – Of course, you don’t have to ask her directly as your partner expects that you know what she wants. So before deciding whether to buy a platinum or gold engagement ring, you need to do some bit of research. Look at what jewelry she wears on a daily basis. If she is into silver with intricate designs, purchase an intricately-designed platinum ring. If your future fiancee is into gold pieces, lean your decision towards that direction.

Choose a stone – Although jewelers offer an engagement ring with a stone attached, you could actually save a lot of money if you choose the diamond separately. It also helps if you know how your lady wants her diamond-whether round, pear, marquis, or other shapes. In choosing a diamond, look for a stone with high color and cut, but with slightly lower clarity.

Choose the setting – How the stone is put in the ring also plays a role in choosing for the perfect engagement ring. You could go for the simple solitaire setting, or you could add some intricate designs, extra side stones, and other details.

Maximize your budget – If two months of your salary is still too small to buy an engagement ring, you could still look for ways to maximize your budget. When choosing a diamond, ask the jeweler to provide one with "more surface area" and that is "slightly less than the next carat" (0.8 instead of 1 or 1.9 instead of 2). It won’t sparkle as much, but it will look bigger. You could also consider less expensive semi-precious stones (like sapphire, blue topaz, and emerald), or consider an antique engagement ring.

Have a friend to buy with you – Do not go into a jewelry store alone. With too many choices, you need a honest second opinion. Consider tagging your sweetheart’s best friend or mom along to help you choose the right engagement ring. If you worry about them spilling the beans, bring your own buddy instead. Another option is to bring your lady with you when buying for her engagement ring. It may lose the element of surprise, but you are assured that she would like the ring.

Go to a quality jeweler – It is best to consider a small-scale jeweler instead of national chains when it comes to buying the ring. The big stores tend to sacrifice quality for mass marketing. Also, make sure that the jeweler is accredited by your country’s jeweler group. You also need to find out about the return policy so that you can exchange the ring if you didn’t do your research enough.

Plan ahead – You may not be able to just enter the jewelry store and leave with a ring at hand. Ordering for a ring could take a couple of weeks to complete, which also gives you enough time to save.

Get it in writing – You need to make sure that the diamond you are buying has an independent diamond-grading report from your country’s jeweler company. It should include the 4Cs of color, cut, clarity, and carat. Don’t forget to get the ring insured as well.


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