How to Propose Marriage

marriage proposalYou are the guy. You are getting along well. You have been an item for some time now. Heck, you have been talking about the future, staying together, and she is hinting of kids. Best of all, that nest egg of yours is about to hatch. And yes, you already have that engagement ring in your drawer patiently waiting for the grand day where you would present it to your lady love.

You have waited for the right circumstance. Now, it is just a matter of easing your nerves and giving yourself that extra kick of confidence. So, how do you go along with it? Here are some things to remember when proposing.

  • Prepare yourself physically, mentally, financially, spiritually. Make sure you are ready to make the plunge. That way, less worries for you while you…

  • Say the right words.

  • Plan everything beforehand from the date, setting, location. Knowing your hubbies likes and interests is a boost.

  • Consider your ideas as well. Do you want something unique or usual? Will it be memorable, cheesy? Would it elicit laughs when the two of you reminisce that special day together?

  • Know your budget.

  • Do with a little from your friends. They mean well. Plus less things for you to fuss about.

  • Build up the suspense. It makes for a wonderful climax.

  • Do not hesitate. Go for it.


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