How to Propose on Christmas

christmas wedding proposalChristmas is one of the highlight holidays of the year. It is no surprise if an expectant guy would pop the "Would you marry me?" question during this time. Here are some ways to pull it off.

A suitable location could be a log cabin that could either be owned by the guy’s family or just being rented for the holidays. Set up the place by looking for a suitable tree. As the guy preps the tree, the girl sets up dinner. The guy then hangs mistletoe near the tree, thus building up for something grander later.

The couple would have dinner near the fireplace with wine and soft classical music. After a light meal, they would have dessert of winter fruits and more wine. The guy then takes out the boxes of Christmas décor, together they would hang them on the tree.

He would then hand the last box of decors, in it the ring contained inside a red box wrapped by a gold ribbon. The guy would then request that she open the box, while he tells a tale of an antique Christmas décor that had been handed down to him and that she must be careful in opening it.

The girl then takes out the gold bow and opens the box. Inside the box would be an antique red glass ball with a ring. Then the guy gets down on one knee and asks the girl to marry him and they kiss under the mistletoe. Cheesy.

For those who want more fun, you could turn it into a treasure hunt type of proposal. Just remember where you hid the ring and have it placed in a container, like the red box described above, to keep out the cold.

Something more cerebral would to include puzzles, riddles, and clues in the hunt, instructing both couples or either one of them to do a certain task or go to a particular place in the cabin until they end up finding the package.


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