Wedding Proposal Ideas

wedding proposalThis has been an anticipated moment between you and your partner. You have been saving this for a long time. You run your mental script in your head a million times over. Such as the thrill and the pressure of a wedding proposal. Here are some ideas to give that special day a twist.

Determine your common interests and work from there. That is a good place to start. A couple that loves wine could propose in a vineyard. If he likes sports, take him to a game in his team’s homecourt, drop the question during halftime or at the seventh inning break.

Some prefer the usual. Romantic dinner on top of a building, accompanied by strings and candles. Props if the guy knows how to cook. Pop the question after the meal. Bring out the ring. Classic.

Speaking of cooking, those who love their food might want to do it all the way. Rent a restaurant, prepare the meal themselves. But there is a twist. Invite her for coffee somewhere else and when the barista calls out her order, he would holler, "A mocha frapuccino and a ring!" You can take it the next level and have a themed wedding and reception. Sweet.

There are people who like it grand. A trip abroad, visit tourist spots, and for some reason end up on top of Eiffel Tower. Take it from there.

And then there are the ones who make it simple. Go out shopping together. Before you check in the grocery, surprise her with a ring. Having it announced over the PA is optional.

For the poetic and the pensive, there is still the magic of receiving snail mail. Just make sure she gets it and it does not get lost or get sent somewhere else.


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