How to Turn Down an Unwanted Gay Suitor

gay manSay a gay admirer starts to court you. He’s cute, smart, well-off and all, but the thing is, he’s just not your type. So how do you deal with him? How do you turn down an unwanted gay suitor? Here are some ways to deal with him without appearing too rude.

Make a boyfriend/girlfriend lie

Making a casual reference to your boyfriend or girlfriend sometimes work to discourage an unwanted gay suitor. When in a conversation, tell him: "Oh, my boyfriend/girlfriend and I really loved that film. It’s hilarious. We can relate to it." or "I love this place. My boyfriend/girlfriend and I come here very often. Too bad he/she has to work tonight."

Recognize the signs and make the steam go pffft

Of course, the boyfriend/girlfriend lie only works if the gay suitor is a stranger. In case he knows you’re very much single, be prepared to recognize some signs that he’s about to ask you out for a date or something. A lengthy pause indicates that the guy’s about to switch gears: he becomes nervous, sweats profusely, blinks his eyes faster, or laughs loudly.

Then he tries to utter a sentence beginning with "So…" If it looks like that he’s about to pop out a proposal, extricate yourself quickly. You can say, "Hey, hold that thought for a minute. I really have to go to the restroom." Your gay suitor will have lost steam by the time you return.

Give him a vague but firm statement

If your unwanted gay suitor still doesn’t have a clue, offer a vague but firm statement like: "You’re fun and I enjoy talking with you. It’s just that I’m not into dating anyone right now." immediately follow this with a retreat to keep him from responding with a "why not?" or a plea. Don’t stop or even look back if he continues to talk – this may seem to him you’re likely to reconsider. He’d probably think that you’re just playing hard to get.

Be straightforward and honest – it works most of the time

Being straightforward and honest is the best thing when turning down an unwanted gay suitor. Just tell him in a good-natured manner that you’re not into him. You don’t have to be too nasty to turn him down. Don’t build for him a castle in the air. Tell him he’s not your right away. That way he has a clear message. Don’t toy with his feelings. Feel blessed that someone likes/loves you.

If all else fails, just ignore him

If he’s still trying after making him feel and telling him straight to his face that you’re not into him, that’s his problem. Just ignore him if he persists. He’ll stop in time.


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