Safe Sex for Lesbians and Bisexual Women

safe sexTips on safer sex are usually targeted towards teenagers and gay men, but what about lesbians and bisexual women?  Do they follow the same rules when it comes to protecting oneself from contracting or transmitting sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV and AIDS?  The answer:  yes, and then some.

You should also know that there is no 100-percent protection against contracting sexually transmitted infections.  However, there are several methods you can do to make your intimate moments safer. 

The best way is to protect for contracting a STDs is to avoid your sexual partner’s body fluids from entering your body, including vaginal fluids, blood (even menstrual blood), breast milk, and semen.  Here are other low-risk sexual activities that you and your partner can enjoy.


Touching oneself exclusively is one of the safest ways to have sex.  If gives your gratification without having your partner stimulate your sexual response.  Note that this is different from "mutual masturbation."

Online or phone sex

You can have sex with your partner even without her physical presence.  Call her over the phone, or have an online chat with your partner, then talk dirty about each other.  Tell your partner what you would do to her once the two of you become together physically.

Nipple and breast stimulation

The chest has different sensation points that can stimulate you sexually, much so if you let your partner caress it.

Erotic massage

Not only your chest has such sensation points, but also your whole body and all of them can be stimulated through erotic massage.  Hitting such points during a massage can develop sexual arousal, especially when done by a partner.


Some consider it as the first step to sex, while others view it as the most intimate activity.  Kissing is also a safe sexual practice since transmission of STDs through kissing is very rare.  However, do note that some diseases can be contracted through saliva.

Using a sex toy

Using a dildo or vibrator can be viewed as similar to masturbation.  It is important to put a condom on the toy while using it to avoid unnecessary bruising.  You also need to change condoms when sharing sex toys.

Oral sex

Cunnilingus should be performed with a barrier such as a dental dam or plastic wrap.

Vaginal contact

The fingers can substitute for the penis (and some women say the use of fingers is even sexually better than the male organ). 

Put two or three of you or your partner’s fingers in a condom, or put the whole hand in a latex glove (with talcum powder rinsed off).  Remember to dispose both the condom and glove after use.


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