Abbreviations Used in Gay Personal Ads

gay personal adsOne way of hooking up with other guys is by browsing though various personal ads posted in your local newspaper, message boards, chat rooms, and in dating sites. To save space, some terms are abbreviated, leaving those viewing them for the first time confused and lost in translation. Don’t worry, because we have compiled the basic abbreviations inserted in gay personal ads. Are you ready to break the codes?

69 – Sixty-nine (he would like to give and receive BJs)

A – Asian

ALT – Alternative Sex (refers to kinky sex and fetishes like BDSM)

ASP – Anglo-Saxon Protestant

B – Black (African-American)

BB – Bare Back (to have anal sex without a condom)

BDSM – Bondage, Discipline, and Sado-Masochism (any form of sex that deals with pain and submission)

Bear – Generally refers to bearded and hairy guys

BI – Bisexual

BiF – Bisexual Female

BiM – Bisexual Male

BJ – Blow Job (oral sex)

Blnd – Blonde (pale-haired)

Brn – Brunette (having dark brown hair)

Bottom – A guy who prefers to be on the receiving end of anal sex

C – Christian

CD – Cross-Dresser

CPLS – Couples (usually appearing on ads of gay couples seeking for a three-some, four-some, or couple swing)

Cub – A younger bear

Cut – Having a circumcized penis

D – Divorced (usually referring to a previous heterosexual marriage)

D/D Free – Drug- and Disease-Free (can also appear as DDF)

Dom – Dominant Male or Female (prefers a partner who is submissive, sometimes to a point of being a slave)

DM – Divorced Male

DGM – Divorced Gay Male

F – Female

Fems – Feminine (referring to effeminate gays, or those who act girly)

FF – Fist Fucking (having a fist inserted to a partner’s vagina or anus)

FTM – Female to Male Transsexual (lesbians who have had transgender procedures to become male)

GAM – Gay Asian Male

GBM – Gay Black Male

GHM – Gay Hispanic Male

GSOH – Good Sense of Humor

GWM – Gay White Male

H – Hispanic

HD – Heavy Drinker

HS – Heavy Smoker

HWP – Height-Weight Proportional

ICQ – A free online messaging service ( derived from the phrase “I Seek You”; this term is usually followed by an “ID number” or the user’s numeric code

IM – Instant Messaging (like ICQ, AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger, etc.)

IM me – Send me an Instant Message

IRL – In Real Life

ISO – In Search Of/ I Seek Of

J – Jewish

LD – Light Drinker

LDR – Long-Distance Relationship

LOL – Laughing Out Loud (this term began in chat rooms, and can now sometimes be seen in public ad sites like

LS – Light Smoker

LTR – Long-Term Relationship

M – Male

M2M – Man to Man/ Male to Male (like in M2M Sex)

MSM – Male Seeking Male

ND – Non-Drinker

NLP – No Losers Please

NS – Non-Smoker

NSA Sex – No-Strings-Attached Sex (seeking for a sex buddy, instead of a relationship)

MTF – Male to Female Transsexual

P – Professional (this means that he works in an office)

Pics – Pictures (may vary between face pics, body pics or more erotic pics)

PLS – Please

PnP – Party and Play (to have sex after drinking or, sometimes, under the influence of drugs)

POS – HIV-Positive

S – Single

SD – Social Drinker (drinks alcohol only whenever he is out partying)

SGM – Single Gay Male

SGAM – Single Gay Asian Male (may interchange with SAGM)

SGBM – Single Gay Black Male (may interchange with SBGM)

SGHM – Single Gay Hispanic Male (may interchange with SHGM)

SGWM – Single Gay White Male (may interchange with SWGM)

SGAPM – Single Gay Asian Professional Male

SGBPM – Single Gay Black Professional Male

SGHPM – Single Gay Hispanic Professional Male

SGWPM – Single Gay White Professional Male

SI – Similar Interests

Sub – Submissive (seeks guys who are dominant in sex)

Top – A guy who prefers to be the giving end of anal sex

TG – Transgender (someone who has completely transformed into someone of opposite sex)

TS – Transsexual (see TG)

TV – Transvestite (someone who wears clothing of the opposite sex)

Uncut – Uncircumsized Penis

Vrs – Versatile (can be Top or Bottom; may also appear as Versa)

W – White (Caucasian)

W/ – With (for instance, “W/ own place”)

W/E – Well-Endowed (having an above-average sized penis)

WASP – White Anglo-Saxon Protestant

WS – Water Sports (having sex that involves urine)

YO – Years Old (for instance, “20 YO”)


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