Dating While HIV-Positive

dating with hivHaving HIV does not have to be the end of everything about your life, as modern medical treatments helps delay the development of the virus and has enabled HIV-positive patients to live happily and fulfilling. However, some persons with HIV have one obstacle when it comes to carrying out that fulfilling life: a partner who will be with them through good times and bad times.

People living with HIV tend to be a little hesitant about discussing their status to a complete stranger, much more if they are dating. But it is best to disclose that information as soon as possible. Here are some suggestions on how to be able to date despite your HIV status.

Feel the relationship with your date

If you are dating someone for the first time and would want to tell about your HIV status, do so after a few dates. In that way you have an idea how much your date means to you. Once you feel that your date is falling for you, carry out a private conversation with your date and spill the beans.

Never have sex with your date before the revelation

Even if your date takes the first step into getting intimate with you, refuse the offer at first until you have explained your HIV status to your date. Having sex prior to such conversations may make your partner feel betrayed or become more conscious about his health status.

If your date leaves you, let it be

Telling your date about your HIV status has its risk, including the dreaded rejection. If that happens, just remember that it is because your date lacks the understanding about HIV and not your status per se. Some people are not ready to date an HIV positive person, and at the same time unaware of the possibilities of having a long-term and loving relationship with an HIV positive partner.

If your date accepts your status, discuss further

Some people are fine with having serodiscordant relationships, wherein one member of the couple is negative of HIV while the other has acquired the virus. If this is the case with your date, discuss how you can be intimate while staying safe. You could also talk to your date about your personal health care plans, and let him know what you expect from him or her.


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