Tips About Gay Kissing

gay kissingTips about kissing can be found on almost everywhere from magazines to the Internet, but chances are you won’t apply those tips in a gay or lesbian setting. It’s best that you know these guidelines on how to steal that kiss and make it worthwhile.

Touch gently

Kissing doesn’t necessarily begin with a lunge. It starts with a light, playful touching that you have been giving him.

We do not advise of suddenly grabbing the crotch, but get him comfortable with your touch by caressing his sleeve or flicking an imaginary lint off his collar, or you could try to be bold by holding his forearm. Get your friend really relaxed with your touch before you prepare yourself of kissing him.

Make sure the feeling is mutual Do not kiss another guy if you are unsure that he wants to kiss you as well. Try creating a mutual interest by flirting with him or by providing a fun atmosphere when talking to him.

Watch out for indications that he is interested in you like when touching you back, responding to your jokes positively, letting his eyes catch yours, or when he doesn’t shy away from sex talk and gives out his own double entendres.

Take him to a “kissing zone” New-found lovers tend to kiss each other in public, but don’t try putting your date on the spot. When both of you are in a bar, for instance, bring your date to a semi-private corner away from the prying eyes and never in your bedroom or hotel room. That special “kissing zone” could be a dark corner, a quiet hallway, or a bench outside the club.

Don’t be frank about telling him that you want to take him away to kiss each other, instead provide a plausible reason like the place being hot and you wanted you go outside with him to catch some fresh air.

Let the tension build Once you bring your mate to the kissing spot, continue developing attraction to him with further flirting, teasing, and touching. Do not go for the kiss right away, but let him know subtly that you want to kiss him.

One good advise is that you perform a “triangular gaze,” first by looking into his eyes, staring down to his lips, then going back to his eyes. Then try touching him gently on the lips or caress along his jawline.

You could even try being frank by asking him if he wants to be kissed, but try not to be aggressive when asking. If he reacts positively, then slowly lean towards him, close your eyes, and just let your lips do the action.


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