Safe Online Dating Tips for Gays

gay men on the beachWith hundreds of different gay personals sites and chat rooms containing millions of gays and lesbians looking for companionship and perhaps even more, we often get carried away with interacting with different individuals. However, we tend to forget that we are talking with anonymous people and we may even regret that our online date is not actually the person he or she seems to be. It is best to raise your guard and follow these safety tips while chatting or exchanging e-mails.

Take your time – Do not rush into meeting your online date personally right away. Take your time to get to know the person and ask as may detailed questions as possible before meeting him or her. Sometimes the Internet makes certain people to pretend as someone else, so watch carefully for inconsistencies or strange behavior. If you sense in your gut that there is something fishy about the other person, then discontinue chatting with him or her.

Protect your identity and personal information – Never disclose any personal information, and it’s best not to ask the same to your online chatter. A stranger could use to possibly take opportunity of these gathered into and use it for his or her advantage. You don’t have to give out a fake name, but remember to be weary when giving out your address, place of work, or other sensitive information your credit card numbers, SS number, or even your mobile phone number.

Tell about your date before leaving – No matter how much we want to assure ourselves that we are safe in blind dates, but reality is that you could get into trouble with only one incident. Remember to tell a good friend or relative of the exact location of your date, just in case something happens and the police would be looking for you.

Grab a photo – Be sure to get a photo of your date before you would meet. To make sure about the authenticity of the picture, try asking him or her some questions such as where and when was the picture taken. Don’t forget to save the picture in an accessible part of the computer.

Hear the voice behind the face – There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a conversation before meeting on a blind date either by asking for his phone You can tell a lot about a person by the way they communicate. Follow your gut and examine if he or she is worth the meet.

Meet in a public place – Choose a comfortable meeting place like a café or an open park. This alleviates tension between the two of you, and at the same time provides a good setting for an early getaway just in case you don’t like the date at all. Talk to him at a location where there are a lot of people (as they can become instant witnesses in case of a bad date).

Create another way to get home – There could be cases that your date would even follow you to your home or would even attempt to harm you. So, take an alternative route to your home or have him or her meet at a location away from your place or places.

Know your online date’s sexual history – Protect your body against sexually-transmitted diseases and HIV by establishing a front line of queries. Know the status of your online partner, keeping in mind that some men lie about their sickness. If you encounter an online date that tends to refuse to answer about their health, their last STD test, or the number of sexual partners they have been with, and even unwilling to have sex with a condom, then dump him or her.


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