The Best Places To Find Gay Men

gay on the beachGay men have a harder time looking for dates because most of the time, most gay guys are shy and afraid of rejection. And it is sometimes frustrating to realize that finding the right guy is not like falling in love at the sight of your UPS man. However, there are venues where Mr. Right would just come your way.

Online Dating – Whether you are chatting or browsing through hundreds of personal ads, it is important to whether the seekers are searching for Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now. When putting up your online profile, make sure that you state what type of man you are looking for and under what circumstances you are willing to meet. Don’t forget to post your pic with it!

Newspaper Ads – You may not know it, but newspapers (either the syndicated ones or even your local papers) and some gay magazines have a lot of personal ads of men seeking other men. You would usually find men in search for special types of sex like BSDM, but there are those select few ads about the hopeless romantics looking for long-lasting love. If you respond to an ad, make sure to take your time getting to know the person before meeting him personally.

Referrals – Your friends, co-workers, and even your family members, are your best allies when searching for that perfect pair. They may arrange a blind date or introduce you to a guy whom they think you would bond greatly. If you feel that you don’t gel with the referral, there is a huge possibility that he has other gay friends. Befriend him and get to know them. Expanding your social network takes away your shyness and at the same time searches for many romantic possibilities.

Dance Clubs or Lounges – You don’t have to be a party animal to be in the club. Remember that dance clubs or lounges are a great venue for all types of gay men. There are some who would go there every week to dance and have fun, while there are others who went there to look for potential mates, just like you would. If you feel uncomfortable with what’s going on in the gay club, then try going in a “heterosexual” club with your girlfriends. At least other gay guys there would be easier to spot.

Everyday Life – You can find love even in the simplest visits to your local record store or bookstore. You would run around doing your errands and suddenly you see someone that catches your attention. How you would approach them is totally up to you. At least, this is better than spending the whole day in the house alone.


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  1. I am gay, and i always found it right to find a man, but thanks to this i found the perfect man,we wrestle every night naked, and we had our first kiss in Florida, where our waiter was shocked to see us snogging in the restaurant, then recently i told my family and friends i was going to ask him for his hand in marriage, and i asked him in front of all my family and friends, and he said yes, and snogged me in front of everyone, and all my family and friends are so proud of me, even my homophobic brother, he makes jokes occasionally, but he’s getting better, so now every night i give him willy massages and a blowjob, so thankyou very much for everything, my parents always knew i was gay, and recently brought me a poster of Cristiano Ronaldo naked, which i get a boner at every night, my first boy friend i got in year 3my mum thought was a joke, until we snogged, so thanks for everything!

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