Where the Gay and the Lonely Should Go

friendsLife is hard being gay, no matter how seemingly funny they appear in mainstream media.  In reality, gay men struggle to find acceptance in a community.  However, such is not always found within the gay community.  If the gay scene is not for you, perhaps you need to look for other groups or scenes that may make you feel more comfortable and, hopefully, accepted.

Choose a group that shares your interests

There are thousands of different groups that you can find over at the Internet or on your local newspaper, some of them may even share hobbies that you are into as well such as bowling, casual dining, volunteering, and football among others.  If that group happens to be a gay club, such as New York Gay Crocheting Club or something, that would be better.

Do not just be a member, be the president

That does not mean you have to take the lead role right off the bat.  What we advise is for you to take initiatives and be proactive in that group.  Attend their meetings, make friends with most (if not all) members, engage in all of their activities.  That surely takes the loneliness away, as well as allowing you to know more about yourself.

Find a gay community center in your local area

Another great way to find happiness and acceptance is through your local gay community center, which usually attracts gay men with more positive attitudes.  You may even get "adopted" by another member in order to guide you through your problems and issues.

Try joining a gay-friendly religious organization

Most opposition on gays and gay-related issues come from religious organizations, and it is difficult to come into terms with your religion that you practice against their beliefs against your sexual identity. 

However, there are several religious groups who somewhat challenge that, as they welcome gays, lesbians, transgenders, bisexuals, and the curious in their club.

Join an online community

With the age of the Internet, several gay men are able to find friends through online communities like discussion groups, wherein they support each other through different issues as well as talk about anything under the sun.

Create an online profile

You can put up your own online profile in a social networking site of your choice and let your interests and other information be viewed by millions of like-minded members.  You can also put up your own personal ad as you seek for friends, and not just one-night stands.


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