Dealing with a Breakup and Getting Back Your Ex

gay breakupAfter several months of weeping and wallowing in despair, you have decided that now is the time to move forward and get over that bitter breakup you have experienced.  You have tried a new hobby, had a new haircut, and even went on a beach weekend with your best buddies.  You have kept everything that reminded you of your ex-photos, souvenirs, teddy bears-into a box and stored where you cannot seen them easily.  You are slowly but surely on your way to breakup recovery.

However, all of a sudden, your ex-lover comes back to your life.  He is asking for another chance to make this relationship work.  It all comes back to you, those painful memories, your saddest moment, your heartache that you try so hard to heal.  How do you deal with a returning ex?  Should you dump him like how he dumped you, or run towards his arms once again?

It is all right to forgive him

Whatever wrongdoing your ex-partner has caused you, just forgive him.  Provide him the assurance that it is all right, that you forgive him not because he deserves it but rather because you do.

Get a reality check

It is tempting to rekindle a relationship with an ex-lover you still have feelings for.  However, you do need to think it over before deciding whether to come back into the arms of your former flame, remain just as friends, or banish him from your life forever. 

Firstly, no matter who broke up with who, there IS a reason why you broke up in the first place.  There is a possibility that the factor that caused the breakup would surface during your revived romantic relationship.  However, if you believe this renewed relationship could bring out long-term happiness for the both of you, perhaps it is high time to reunite.

Set your relationship to a new direction

In case you come back to your former lover, you need to readjust how you treat one another, especially if you intend to make this relationship work this time around.  You and your boyfriend should be able to come up with reasonable compromises.  You need to ask for what you want, while you should give him what he wants.


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