Does a Long Distance Gay Relationship Work?

gay manMatthew and Edward fell in love the moment they met online. They’re now in a long distance relationship and their love for each other is going stronger. Matthew has visited his boyfriend in California four times and Edward has seen Matthew in California five times.

Many of their friends doubted that their relationship wouldn’t last a month. Well, Matthew and Edward have been in a long distance relationship for six months now. Here are some tips to sustain a long distance relationship.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

There are three key ingredients for a great gay relationship (or any relationship). The first one is communication. The second is communication. The third ingredient is communication.

We no longer live in prehistoric civilization where people communicate through puffs of smokes. We’re in the age of digital technology where people can communicate anytime, anywhere.

Exchange e-mails with your partner to communicate. You can also use instant messaging services to keep in touch. What’s more, Skype and Yahoo messenger provide you with the opportunity to call your partner on the Internet for free.

You don’t have any excuse to communicate now that messages are instantaneous and calls are free. One more thing, make sure that you understand the huge difference between communicating and mere talking.

Stay focused and grounded

Long distance relationship can work if both partners stay focused and grounded. Many gay people can attest to the fact that such relationship attracts more temptations compared with a traditional relationship. If you love and respect your partner, resist any temptation that comes your way.

Always tell yourself that you’re in a great relationship and that you must not put yourself in a very compromising position. Forget about the "Sex and the City" episodes you’ve seen. They will only make you feel depleted. You and your partner may want to have commitment rings/studs/bracelets or any token that will remind both of you how you love each other.


Trust is the foundation of a gay long distance relationship. You have to trust that your loved one will do the right thing. Also, trust that you’ll do the same thing.

You must be very aware that an abyss awaits any gay couple, and that you and your partner can give in to temptation anytime because, it’s your choice at the end of the day. What you can do as lovers is to be the best persons that you can be.

Yes, it’s very difficult to be in a long distance relationship. Not only do you have distance issues (it’s a given), but you also have to work out trust and communication issues. But making such relation work and last is possible.



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