Staying Friends After Breakup

friendsThe never-ending question would always reverberate on everyone’s consciousness as if it happened; it would be considered a miracle.

Preserving the friendship after a painful break-up between two lovers may be too far from possibility, but both parties would persevere and cooperate, the unthinkable may still reach actualization. While we can try to throw away those bad memories, it’s actually the good memories that drive us crazy.

While others may disagree, a typical gay/lesbian romantic relationship starts as is. Few are considered to be rooted from friendship before it grew into something significant that’s why breaking up could mean detaching from each other forever. This is difficult, especially those who don’t have the nature of throwing out the good things all together.

So would it be possible for two people to stay friends despite the world war?

Don’t rush the friendship to re-emerge after a bad break-up. Allow time to heal the wounds and give each other the needed space.

Don’t leave unresolved issues.

Stay supportive with each other.

Make sure that you already let him/her go even before deciding to become friends with him/her. Maybe there is still a glimmer of hope in your side that the relationship might return to what have you become, but there is also a risk that he/she may fall in love again with somebody else. You have to be ready with that and you must learn to accept it wholeheartedly. And also, accept the fact that you might also fall in love with someone else.

It’s important that both of you are really comfortable with the setup. It’s true that friendship is the only way wherein you can re-cherish all the times that you have spent together as lovers but sometimes, it just can’t work out. If it’s not even possible to stay together as friends, then you really need to accept it and move on with your separate lives. Well, it hurts but it’s more painful to try without bearing the fruits of labor.


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