When Your Gay Lover Is Jealous

gay couple fightFalling in love is the easiest part of homosexual relationship or any relationship. What takes commitment and hard work is keeping the relationship going even when the passion is fading. Many love experts claim that passionate love only lasts 2 to 4 years.

Mutual respect and compatibility then become increasingly important as the relationship progresses. This article gives some tips that might help you remain committed to your partner. Most apply to any relationship, but gays and lesbians have some particular concerns.


Communication is the key for a long lasting relationship. Don’t let small frictions in your relationship be blown out of proportion. Tell your partner what you’re thinking about things, big and small. If something bothers you, speak up and let your partner know about this. You can’t solve your problems unless you talk about it.

Spend more quality time with each other

Life and work demands will always affect your relationship. One way to remain committed to your partner is to schedule "Us" time. Block out a time on the calendar. Once you do this, both of you can schedule other commitments around that date. For example, you can block out Saturday or Sunday nights as time you allot to your relationship.

Keep the relationship fresh

Introducing an element of surprise or anything fresh in your relationship will really help you remain committed to your partner. Try giving him or her flowers without an occasion. You can also suggest an extraordinary activity, and make a reservation at his or her favorite restaurant. These will help you keep your relationship vibrant and interesting.

Experiment with sex

Avoid at all costs "gay/lesbian bed death." In long term homosexual relationships, sexual passion and activity diminishes inevitably. So make some effort spicing up your sex life. Consider exploring activities you’ve never done before. For example, if things get a little slow in your bedroom, try taking your partner to a dance or role play before a sexual encounter.

Avoid getting jealous

Sadly, jealousy is all too common in the gay and lesbian community. It can destroy a relationship. It occurs when you and your partner don’t trust each other. If you feel jealous or controlled by your partner, you should confront those feelings. Talk to your partner about why you feel threatened in the relationship and then move past it.

Compromise, compromise, compromise

Compromise is another element of a good homosexual relationship. It involves keeping your relationship on even ground, which keeps the balance between you.


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