Divorce Red Flags

unhappy coupleThe signs are already there but you and your partner did not notice it coming. Although divorce can be prevented through utmost sincere communication and some form of crisis management, there are circumstances which heighten the chances of couples committing divorce.

Marrying at an early age – this is not really an issue, but statistically, those who got married when they were 25 years or older increase the chance of having a more successful marriage. This may be attributed to maturity, but remember, age is nothing but a number.

Low educational level – more educated couples tend to have lower divorce rates.

Low income bracket – finances matter in marriages. Those who find it hard to balance the budget most likely end up in divorce.

Parents divorced – there is already a precedent. The upside here though is that the couple could learn from the circumstances and situations which caused the previous divorce.

Partners criticize each other – lack of affirmation can cause ugly breakups. Discuss with reason.

Unequal sharing of house chore load – cooperation is also a key in any relationship. Share responsibilities.

Second marriage – the excess baggage and the hangups are still there. A lack of communication could spell doom whenever talk of exes emerge.

Marital problems – common marital conflicts like infidelity, alcoholism, drugs, and physical abuse contribute in prematurely ending a marriage.


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