How to Date Again After Divorce

dating When the storm calms after a divorce and you’re living a normal life again, you may find yourself entertaining thoughts of dating. You know very well that developing new relationships means returning to the dating scene. However, dating following a divorce is an overwhelming experience.

There are some important guides that may help you achieve a triumphant comeback to the world of dating and take pleasure to your newfound freedom. The following pointers will help you make the transition to the dating game easier.

Avoid getting too serious

Your first date after your divorce doesn’t have to be serious. You should enter the dating scene for the sake of dating. Meet new people and enjoy the game before searching for the next serious relationship.

Leave divorce details at home

If you want to sabotage your date, blabber about every detail of your divorce. Nothing is nastier than this. Of course, it’s inevitable to talk about your past relationship. When it comes up, make sure that you keep it very brief and concentrate on your date. Have a good time. It’s okay to be honest and open with your date, just don’t spill your guts.

Let the real you stand out

Relax and be yourself. Dating is not about getting jittery, it’s about having a good time with your date while getting to know him or her. Just let the real you stand out and encourage the other person to do just the same. Enjoying the moment is infectious and before you know it, you and your date will be comfortable with the situation.

A date isn’t a therapy session

You’re going to a date with someone that attracts you, not to a therapy session with a psychologist. If you’ve gone through a divorce, then you’ve probably been to therapy. Here’s a helpful pointer: Keep therapy information between yourself and the therapist. Don’t share the details to your date. While sharing some information about your therapy might be interesting, your date will think you’re a sicko if you disclose too much information.

Pay attention

Show some interest to your date. Get to know him or her by asking questions and listening sincerely. Show that what he or she says really matters to you. There is nothing more flattering than this. You’ll gain knowledge if you ask more questions. This will help you determine whether there will be a second or a third date.

Be courteous in ending the date

It’s up to you how to end the date. It’s totally your call whether to kiss the other person to cap the evening or to ask him or her to sleep over. Do what you feel is right for both of you. You must be courteous however you end the date.


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  1. Good tips. I’d add pick up a new hobby and meet some new friends. Oftentimes, our lives become stagnant after a long relationship because we’ve created a bubble around ourselves. Use the opportunity to break out of that.

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