Interesting Reasons Why Some Men May Want A Divorce

shutterstock_59122213Divorce can be a devastating blow to any marriage. It signals an end to a relationship that started out well. Divorce can be brought about by a host of different reasons. Most of these reasons are perceived to be at the very worst stages that only a separation or divorce can fix. On the part of men, there can be a number of reasons that will make them contemplate divorce. Here are some of the more interesting ones.

Reason 1: “Wife always says no to everything.”

One of the reasons that men say can make them contemplate divorce is when the wife always says no to everything. No matter what the husband may suggest, the wife simply just says “no”. This can be a frustrating issue with men. They begin to see their wives as simply contradicting what they like or want. The wife becomes someone who the husband no longer finds fun and enjoyable to be with.

Reason 2: “I feel disrespected.”

Any husband likes to feel confident and secure, especially in front of the wife. But if the wife goes into the habit of belittling him, he may feel a bit disrespected. Sometimes the wife may do it as a joke. But any action done in the company of others that can bruise the husband’s ego can sometimes be perceived as a form of disrespect. If it becomes quite a habit, the husband may then cite it as a possible grounds for divorce.

Reason 3: “Wife no longer takes care of herself.”

There comes a time when a marriage can lead to complacency on the part of women. There are women who believe that marriage is the settling down stage, in the most literal sense. Wives begin to settle and grow accustomed to married life. Over time, some women begin to neglect taking care of their bodies and appearance, knowing that they already have husbands to spend their whole lives with. Some women begin to get overweight or neglect trying to look good for their husbands. If this goes on, the physical attraction may begin to wane. Over time, men may no longer find their partners attractive. This can sometimes lead to separation or divorce.

Reason 4: “I feel neglected.”

Some husbands may consider divorce if they feel that their wives no longer gives them the attention that they need. Some wives can easily get busy with other stuff such as running a family home, juggling some extra work at the office or busy with a business. These activities can take over a woman’s life that it can set the relationship aside. Men may begin to feel neglected and unimportant

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