Addressing Your Wedding Invitation

wedding invitationsWhen planning your wedding invitations, thinking about when to send them out to the guests would eventually crop up. Some couples may have concerns as to how to time the sending of the wedding invitations for the most effective results. Some may think preparing and sending them out months early is better while others may prefer making and sending them weeks before the said occasion.

So as not to add some worry for couples on the planning process, a certain schedule should be set that couples need to follow in order to have wedding invitations made, sent out and received by their guests in the most timely manner possible. Here is a good wedding invitation time line that couples can follow.

The first step starts when the couple has already decided on the date of the wedding. This would be a good five to six months before the actual occasion. Couples can then begin looking for the wedding invitation designs that would fit ideally to the occasion.

If the couple plans to have guests living a long distance away from the planned venue, sending out "hold the date" cards to such guests is advised as soon as the said wedding date is already set so as not to create scheduling conflicts later on.

Four months before the actual ceremony, the couple should already have a final selection for their wedding invitation and have it placed on order. Remember that making wedding invitations may take some time and it would be wide to give its makers ample time to do so.

After receiving the wedding invitations, couples can now start addressing them to their respective recipients. A good three months before the wedding ceremony would be most ideal since time should be considered for the guests to send in their response to the wedding invitation.

During this time, the couple should also start estimating the exact postage needed, including the ones that would be used for the response cards. Two months before the actual wedding ceremony, the couple may now begin to mail the wedding invitations to their intended recipients.

After sending out the invitations, give guests about three to four weeks before finalizing the guest list. The final guest list is especially important for the caterer to know two to three weeks before the wedding proper in order have an idea about the number of people to prepare for the wedding reception. This would help prevent food shortage in case the couple expects additional guests that will be coming to the wedding.


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