Bachelor Party Ideas

bachelor partyPlanning a bachelor party may seem easy, but it is more than just hiring strippers. Here are some fun and crazy ideas that you need to complete your buddy’s bachelor party.

Humiliating the groom – Plan on some form of punishment or public humiliation for the honoree. You can make him wear a big condom hat or a ball-and-chain indicating that he is taken off the market or perhaps a simple writing on the face using a magic pen will do.

Strippers – Be really choosy when hiring a stripper service. Make sure that you see the stripper beforehand either through pictures or in person (just making sure that she isn’t ugly), and that a written agreement is made making sure that she would arrive on time, make a good show, etc.

The stripper’s responsibility is to make the groom the center of attention to the party, which can also fall under the public humiliation aspect. Some strippers punish the groom through different funny scenarios such as slapping him on the buttocks or stripping him down to his underwear and write her name on it using a lipstick.

Lesbian pairs – Some bachelor parties hire lesbian lovers to have sex with each other in front of the guests. This add the kink factor to the event. However, make sure beforehand that they are willing to strip everything off. The guests not only see live sex they also see double genitalia.

Gambling – For some reason, gambling has been a staple at bachelor parties. It is appropriate to give a cut of the winnings to the “stag,” which is the fund given to the groom after the party. However, the stag is sometimes wasted on lap dances.

Drinking games – This activity brings out the competitive nature of men. If you don’t know any drinking game, a basic “drink-off” (the fastest guest to drink a bottle of beer) will do.

Watching porn – Rule of thumb suggests that porn movies being screened at bachelor parties are not meant to arouse, but to gross out. It should be so painful to watch, you and the other guest would laugh at it.

Above all this, a very serious reminder: never let anyone capture the bachelor party in photo or video. What happened in the bachelor party should stay at the bachelor party. If anyone asked what happen, lie about it.


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