Bachelorette Party Ideas

bachelorette partyFun should be the first thing in mind when organizing a bachelorette party for your good friend. Here are some since suggestions that would definitely create lasting memories.

Humiliating the bride – The bride is not spared from being embarrassed. We are not about to degrade the bride, but to remind her that she has made the right decision of getting married.

Days before the bachelorette party, the bride is brought to a nightclub or bar and undergo public humiliations through a series of “dares” to her such as tequila body shots, asking 10 men for their business cards (and distributing them to her single female friends), kissing the ugliest guy in the room, etc. Each dare is photographed for proof, which will be presented on the night of the bachelorette party.

Strippers – Be really choosy when hiring a stripper service. Make sure that you see the stripper beforehand either through pictures or in person (just making sure that he isn’t ugly), and that a written agreement is made making sure that he would arrive on time, make a good show, etc.

The male stripper usually arrives in a costume such as a pizza delivery boy, or may even attempt to “abduct” the bride and force her to watch him strip naked. Just make sure that the stripper knows who the bride is. One more thing: you might not want to see what’s in the thong. He might be wearing a contraption like a cock ring to keep his penis erected. It kinda turns some women off.

Drinking games – This activity brings out the competitive nature of the guests. If you don’t know any drinking game, a basic “drink-off” (the fastest guest to drink a bottle of beer will do).

Party games – Bachelorette parties often have party games, mainly consisting of adult-themed competitions such as “pin the dick on the dude.” This loosens up some inhibitions of the bride-to-be, as well as the other female guests, in regards to sex.


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