Building A Healthy Marriage

shutterstock_160508516Getting married is more than just having a husband or a wife beside you. It is an experience that all depends on your actions. A happily married couple works on the relationship and try to keep it healthy and strong. But what makes up a healthy marriage and how can you achieve it? Here are simple tips that might help.

Address conflicts fairly.

There is a right way and a wrong way to fight as a married couple. They wrong way to do it is by playing the blame game. Blaming each other is not a good way to resolve conflicts. It does not address the issue in any way. All it does is assert one’s authority over the other and create resentment. Nothing is resolved in the process. The right way to fight is by giving each one the time to air his or her side. Each partner should learn how to listen objectively in order to resolve the conflicts. The aim of the process is to resolve the issues. Sometimes there is a need to compromise. It is not always about who is right and who is not.

Have a team mindset.

When you get into a marriage, you decided to become a team with your partner. A majority of the decisions you now make in life does not just go through you. You have someone else to share it with. In a way, it is no longer just your own life. It becomes “ours”, together with your partner. You work as a team on every aspect of the marriage, including plans and goals. Of course, you still need to reserve a space for personal time. But a good chunk of everyday life should be invested in the marriage, every action and decision done as a team.

Have real conversations together.

In today’s fast-paced world, people learn to focus more on their activities. Work takes up the majority of one’s time. Even in so-called rest days, people still focus on other things rather than with people. Between married couples, busy lives can cause simple pleasures such as daily conversations to suffer. Couples can be together physically, but their minds may be on other things. This is not the way to keep a healthy marriage.

Couples should learn to give importance to real conversations with one another. Texting or sending an email to each other will not do. Real conversations are those made face to face. Couples should spend time daily to have real conversation time with each other. There may be a need to turn off that TV or computer and engage in meaningful talk. It is how couples learn more about each other. They get to cherish the time spent by talking about fun memories, exciting dreams or even the mundane topics that married couples like to talk about. Healthy communication is essential to having a healthy marriage.

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