Changing Your Last Name After Marriage

Part of the changes a couple would experience after the wedding is the wife’s change of last name, taking the name of her husband once she signs her wedding certificate. However, the woman also has a right to keep her own name. Which option would be right for you? Plead consider these things before you take his name.

The advantages

Taking the name of your husband is an easy excuse if you do not like your last name. Also, having the same name as your husband’s would be easier as a family, as you would instantly be recognized as part of one unit. It makes life easier when going on international trips, dealing with schools, and even just dealing with other parents.

The disadvantages

The problems about changing your last name after marriage usually involves your personal convictions and politics. You may think taking the name of your husband loses your sense of identity. You may also question why your men do not take their wives’ last names. You may view this practice as old-fashioned and traditional, or that you do not want to give up your last name due to sentimental reasons.

However, there are some cases when retaining your last name (and in rare instances, your husband taking your name instead) would be a better choice. For instance, if your husband’s surname is hard to pronounce, dissonant, or simply sounds embarrassing, may it’s best to keep your last name. Also, if you have become known in your career field, it would be difficult to establish your career with a different name.

Other options

There are several alternatives in changing your married name, such as hyphenating your last name with that of your husband or keeping your maiden name as a middle name. If you are worried about being the last in the family with that name, consider taking your husband’s name but using your maiden name as that of your child.

There is also a small percentage of couples wherein the husband takes your last name. Most do this to go against tradition, but this is the best procedure when you would end up having the same name as your husband’s last name (if your name is Lauren and your husband’s name is Brian Lauren) or if both of you would simply want to replace your husband’s dorky-sounding last name.

Other options include combining both of your last names and legally changing it into something new, and legally changing your name but still retain your maiden name professionally.


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