How to Ask a Friend to Be a Bridesmaid

bridesmaidAsking someone to be a bridesmaid in a wedding gives great honor to anybody. Choosing them among close friends and relatives shows just how important they are to the bride-to-be.  Part of the planning process is selecting the bridal entourage, which includes the maid and matron of honor.

Asking them to be part of your wedding also involves requesting for their time and commitment in the wedding preparation. This is why it is important to ask them in a special and memorable way. Here are some creative suggestions on how to let your friend know that she’s going to be a bridesmaid:

Ask her in person. Invite her out for a lovely lunch to tell the great news of her being part of the entourage. You can also gather some of the other bridesmaids and ask them all at once to lunch for an early bridesmaid bonding.

Ask her in advance. The perfect time to ask someone to be your bridesmaid is during the engagement party itself. As most are in celebratory mood, you should be getting quick, positive responses and this way, you’ll also be giving them an advance notice. This would also give them time to prepare for the date itself, especially if you plan to get married during the holidays.

Add some humor when asking her. Give her the idea of being a bridesmaid by literally printing out the words "Bridesmaid" and the date of your wedding on a t-shirt and then making her wear it. You can also take her to a local bridal shop and immediately ask her to try on the bridesmaid dresses. This come quite as a shock to her, but would also be memorable for both of you.

Send out cards and presents. If some of the people you intend to ask live abroad and you can’t possibly ask them in person, there are more imaginative ways of asking them to be a bridesmaid. Don’t just do it over the phone. Send her some of those "Will you be my bridesmaid" cards with a personal note. To make it even more memorable, include a simple framed photo of you and your girl. You can also ask a flower delivery service to send out mini-bouquets of the flower you wish to use on your wedding to your potential bridesmaids. Include a note that states you want them to carry this bouquet on your wedding day.

Give her a bridesmaid guidebook. Wrap up a handbook for bridesmaids and present it to her with a note that says something like "I think you’ll be needing this soon." Such book features all the tips she will ever need in handling different situations that would come about during the wedding preparation and the day itself. With such useful ideas in solving wedding issues, like choosing a bridesmaid dress, this handbook is all she’ll ever need to survive being a bridesmaid.


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