How to Make a Wedding Video

wedding videoA wedding is an unforgettable moment. That is why video coverage is a must for every “I do” celebration. If you are planning to cover weddings for a living or you are planning to film your relative’s wedding, here are some helpful tips to create the best possible videos for that precious moment.

Assess the location beforehand – Visit the location before the wedding day. Check out its layout and lighting, as well as its electrical outlets for recharging. Be nice to the priest or officials of the venue in asking about specifications. Make sure that the parking access would enable you to make a quick getaway from house to church to reception.

Ask the couple beforehand what they like to record – Every couple has a different opinion on things. Some couples would not want to let the camera stop even for a second. In doing so, you are giving yourself time to prepare for their preferences.

Have a checklist – Prepare a list for the wedding day so you do not forget a single thing.

Do not use untried equipment on the wedding day – Fumbling over a new camera would only make you concentrate on making the tool work more than taking great videos. If you are planning to buy new kits, purchase them days before the event and learn to master the controls.

Shoot a lot – Bring extra tapes so you don’t have to feel frugal with your shots. Remember, this day will never come again, and it is easier to edit the footages down than to lengthen them.

Stay very alert – Concentrate on keeping the camera still, unless if you are adept to tracking. Make close-up shots on powerful scenes such as the couple’s kiss. Also, shoot people, all of the guests who attend. You may do a wide shot of the location for a few seconds then go back to shooting more people. Keep in mind that people like looking at people.

Do a routine check-up every now and then – Check over your equipment very carefully for white balance, exposure, and focus settings.

Always be in where the action is – Wear unobtrusive clothing so that if you get surrounded by a throng of guests, you can move your way among the guests, filming the event while smiling at them graciously.

Decline alcohol – As difficult as it may seem, do not accept offers from guest to drink some alcohol. Drinking time is lost filming time, so concentrate on getting the footage.

Do not be tempted to shoot stills – You are paid to do videos, not take pictures. Besides, the couple might have hired a photographer for that.

Stop recording sound on certain situations – Your video camera is also a sound recorder. If the conversation in reception is becoming a tad boring, try pulling the camera’s mic cord off for a while and still take beautiful videos.

Edit until the video is as short as possible – When editing the video material, try making a mini-movie instead of an epic drama. But if the couple insists on seeing the full material, show to them your edited masterpiece before displaying the long version.


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