Picking the Perfect Wedding Date

wedding datePicking your wedding date can take some considerations. It should fall into the whole plan that you have made out for the special event. But it is up to you and your future better half to determine what would be the best date to have the wedding.

Just make sure that the date that you pick would not result in complications later on that may affect the success of the wedding that you have in mind. When picking out a wedding date, here are the usual considerations that couples are faced with.


Some couples feel that it is perfect to get married on the day that they first met. Some may pick a wedding date that is believed to be a lucky day, according to the stars. Some couples look heavily into the significance on a certain wedding date as a decisive factor for picking the ideal day. But there are also some other things to consider for this.

Sometimes, the said date may not be available for the church that you plan to get married on. The special date that you have in mind may fall on a working day, which might mean that not all your guests may not be able to attend. The next alternative would be to find a wedding date that might be as close as possible to the significant date you have in mind.


Picking the wedding date would also depend on the season. If you have a certain wedding style and location in mind, then you might want to match it up with the cooperating weather. If you wish to plan a lovely garden wedding or reception, then it would be good to have it held during the summer. Risking having it on rainy months may just foil the whole experience for you.

If you wish a wedding date with the holiday feel, then you might want in sometime in winter. You can makes use of the rich colors of fall to give some nostalgic feel to your wedding. If you wish your wedding to go along with the burst of flowers all around, then you might choose a wedding date in spring.


The wedding budget may also have something to do with picking the wedding date for some couples. Some couples may stay away from the months of June, August and September. These are the months usually preferred by most couples to get married. These are also the months that getting married may be more expensive.

Couples on a tight budget can find a wedding dates on other months to save a substantial amount on their wedding budget. Picking a wedding date on a week day may also help save on the couple’s budget since Saturday and weekend weddings may cost more.


When picking a wedding date, you should also be considering the holidays that might fall on the date that you have chosen. It might help you plan a wedding that matches with the spirit of the said holiday. You can have a wedding on the Fourth of July with your own fireworks to give life to the ceremony.

You might pick a wedding date that falls on a holiday weekend if you expect guests coming from other places. The long weekend can make their trip less hectic. But then there might also be a risk on picking dates on long holidays. Your guests may already have their own plans of going somewhere else.


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