Should You Hire a Wedding Planner?

Wedding day is supposed to be a perfect day for every couple. They want this day to be beautiful, smooth-sailing, and memorable. But in many cases, due to poor wedding planning and the stress that comes with it, the dream wedding becomes a nightmare. This is the major reason more and more couples are seeking the help of professional wedding planners. There are many things that a couple should consider in getting a wedding planner.


Employing a wedding planner enables the couple to get everything they want for the dream wedding without doing much of the hard work. The planner will take care to almost everything – from the planning stage to the wedding day – just the way you want it. So all you have to do is select the flowers or cake, and the planner will make sure that they are selected according to your taste, have them made, and delivered on schedule. This also means that you have more time to relax and go about your everyday activities without the stress caused by the thought of your wedding.

Emergencies or unexpected events may occur on the wedding day: a thunderstorm, arrival of someone not invited, the wedding singer gets sick, ring bearers and flower girls gone wild, etc. One advantage of having a wedding planner is that wedding planners have the sufficient training and experience in dealing with contingencies. This allows the couple to enjoy time of their lives without worries.

Time is one of the most important elements when you plan a wedding. The cliché "time is gold" holds especially true in wedding planning. Hiring professional wedding planners will surely save you time. They are in charge of keeping on budget, contacting vendors, ordering the wedding items, and every other aspect of the wedding that must be planned.

Disadvantages of hiring a wedding planner

Hiring a professional wedding planner can be a disadvantage if you don’t have the budget to hire one. While it will cost you a huge chunk of your wedding budget, it is usually worth it. Those who really want to have a perfect wedding are willing to hire a wedding planner for peace of mind. Sure, there are a lot of low-cost wedding planners out there, but you should never compromise quality for price.

If you’re afraid that having a professional planner is too costly, just bear in mind that wedding planners are knowledgeable and skilled in the field and are very good at working within a given budget. In addition, wedding planners can usually negotiate better rates or deals for the bride and the groom because of their close and good relationships with vendors.

Another disadvantage is the risk of employing an inexperienced wedding planner, especially that just about any person today can develop his or her own business. To ensure that the wedding planner you’re hiring has the required experience, you need to meet him or her ahead of time and request the contact numbers of past clients.

Advantages outweigh the disadvantages

Overall, the advantages of having professional wedding planners outweigh the disadvantages. However, the decision is still up to you. But if you really want to do the planning yourself, you can at least arrange a consultation with some local wedding planners for free.


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