Surprising Secrets To A Happier Marriage

Surprising Secrets To A Happier Marriage

The secret of happy couples is not just about having a great wife or a great husband. It takes a couple to make it work. Both husband and wife need to have a relationship that complements each other. But there are also some other surprising secrets to a happier marriage that couples should know about, backed by studies. Here are some of them.

Hold grudges now and then.

It may seem contradicting that holding a grudge on a partner will help the marriage. One Florida State University study indicates that holding a grudge on a wife or husband can help keep the other in check by holding a grudge, especially on someone who takes advantage of the other’s kindness. Having angry but honest conversations with a partner can sometimes make it clear that certain behaviors just will not be acceptable.

Hang out more with married couples for friends.

A study suggests that a friend undergoing a divorce increases the odds of your own marriage ending the same way by as much as 75 percent. When a close friend is going through a divorce, people around him or her gets first-hand information on how the experience is about. It can also cause one to question his or her own relationship. Hearing the juicy details of single life after a divorce of a friend can also make it appealing. To avoid this, couples should try to connect with other happily married friends. Being in the company of likeminded couples can reinforce ones feelings for each other.

Married to an average looking guy helps.

A woman may not be married to a hot and handsome hunk. But studies show that having an average looking guy for a husband may be a factor to having a happy marriage. A study filmed 82 newlywed couples discussing a marital problem. Among the pairs they observed, couples in which the man is the more attractive one, were also the ones who did not show sensitivity to a wife’s feelings. But in couples where the man is considered average looking, he is also more sensitive and more interested in trying to resolve the problems.

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