The Role of the Mother of the Bride

Almost all daughters want to have a dream wedding. They want it to run flawlessly. However, many of us have witnessed a lot of wedding ceremonies gone wrong: disaster wedding dresses, flowers arriving late, absent guests, seat plans not followed, photographers and videographers messing with the documentation, and chaotic wedding reception. Wedding indeed can be a nightmare, especially for the bride.

Turning to MOB for help

Before and during the wedding ceremony, family members and friends of the bride and the groom make sure that everything runs without glitches. The Mother of the Bride (MOB) is perhaps one of the most important persons in every traditional wedding. Her role can differ vastly considering today’s changing lifestyles. More and more daughters are leaving home and setting up their own home with their partners even before the wedding has been decided. However, many daughters still ask their mothers’ guidance and help once they plan on the wedding.

Preparing for the dream wedding

Every bride wants a perfect wedding. Brides have their own concepts and ideas on how they want their wedding to be and have already chosen their themes and colors. Thus, the MOB has to bear in mind that in such cases, daughters are seeking from them support, advice, and an enthusiastic attitude. Certainly, brides will not wish for their mother’s style and choice, or their concept of the wedding even if they are the ones paying the bill for the momentous event.

The best way is for the mother to ask her daughter how she would want her to be involved in wedding preparations. The MOB should confer with the bride during the course of the organization process to ensure that she is performing her designated role in the way her daughter wants.


Mothers can help in a number of ways. Daughters may be very pleased that their mothers are helping them to make the most important event of their life happen. The MOB can have many responsibilities, taking stress and strain of the bride’s shoulders.

Some of your duties may include the following:


  • Helping your daughter to choose her wedding gown

  • Sending out the wedding invitations and monitor replies

  • Helping with the guest list

  • Ordering the stationery (menus, invitations, place cards, order of service)

  • Booking the reception

  • Booking the musician and the photographer

  • Organizing the flowers and the wedding cake

  • Drawing up the seating plan

  • Hiring the cars

  • Acting as the ceremony’s official hostess


Supporting role

Overall, your major role is to support your daughter to make her wedding memorable. This means that you should help her on everything she asks you to do. You can also give her advice, but make sure that everything you say is aligned with the bride’s plans. This means that you should sit down with her in the early phases of wedding planning to know what your daughter really wants and also to plan your budget to evade confusion and disorder later on.

As the Mother of the Bride, whatever your daughter asks you to do, you should be very calm, supporting, and optimistic to prevent the bride from panicking and to guarantee a smooth-saliling wedding.


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