Wedding Dates to Avoid

For a couple planning their upcoming wedding, setting up a date for the memorable occasion would be the very first thing on the agenda. Choosing a date presents quite a dilemma for the couple, even though at first they might not know it yet.

A chosen date may present some obstacles that can determine the success of the event. Knowing which wedding dates to avoid can help make things easier for couples in choosing a more suitable time for the special event.

In every calendar year, there are dates that prove to be unsuitable to hold a wedding. There can be a variety of reasons for this. The reason might be superstitious in nature. Wedding dates on the 13th that falls on a Friday can be a no-no for most people.

Having a wedding held on a September 11 have recently become uncomfortable for obvious reasons. Having a wedding set on the Ides of March (March 15) may also have its share of apprehensions since the date has come to be known as an unlucky day. At other times, couples should avoid certain wedding dates for practical reasons. Here are some dates that couples should try to avoid holding their wedding on.

Holiday Weekends

Holding a wedding during the holiday weekend may present both advantages and disadvantages. A holiday weekend is where a holiday falls on a Saturday, on a Friday or on a Monday. A wedding date set on a holiday weekend can allow couples as well as guests with an extra day to recuperate from the festivities.

Being able to set a wedding on a Sunday instead of a Saturday may also be generally less expensive. But then, it may also be a time when other people may also have other weekend plans. If couples wish for their invited guests to come to the wedding, holiday weekend dates should be avoided.

Religious Holidays

Couples should also avoid dates that may fall on a religious holiday. Religious holidays may present some restrictions on the house of worship that the couple may wish to hold the wedding ceremony. Some houses of worship do not even allow marriage to be held during these times. Couples should be mindful of such dates to prevent complications later on.

These are the dates that couples should be mindful of when choosing an ideal wedding date. Couples should try to avoid having their special day on such dates just to prevent complications. The less complications the wedding will have, the better for the couple and the more memorable the experience.


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