Wedding Photography Checklist

wedding photographerHaving a wedding photography checklist can help keep things for photographers more organized especially when taking hundreds of pictures during the wedding day. Couples usually are concerned that wedding photographers be able to capture all the essential wedding details on film since a wedding can be a once in a lifetime experience.

Wedding photographers usually have only one shot at capturing those memorable moments that may not be repeated again. It is a concern that most couples usually have prior to their wedding day. Having a wedding photography checklist would help ease that concern.

During the actual wedding day, going through the wedding ceremony and reception can be quite hectic for the wedding photographer. In order to make thing easier, most wedding photographers bring with them a wedding photography checklist that help guide them through the flow of taking photographs and capturing the memories. The checklist contains all the shots that they have to take in order to get the most important and essential images during the event.

The wedding photography checklist is usually a list of must-have shots that wedding photographers have to take when the opportunity presents itself. It can be a mixed of set-up and candid shots. The main objective of this checklist is to help guide the photographer and keep everything organized to make sure that no important photograph of the event is missed.

The wedding photograph checklist can also be planned together with the couple along with the wedding photographer they have chosen. The couple can have a meeting with their photographer prior to the actual wedding and provide their inputs as to what shots can be included in the checklist. This would also help the couple have an idea on what pictures their wedding album should contain after it is done.

The checklist is generally divided into different areas that may depend on the actual flow of the wedding ceremony. The first part usually involves pictures taken of the bride and groom while they are preparing for the actual wedding ceremony. The first part can contain shots of the bride and groom as they separately dress and do the preparations for the ceremony.

Candid and set-up shots of the bride and groom with their respective relatives and friends may also be in order. An essential for this initial part of the wedding checklist is separate shots taken of the bride and groom with their parents, grandparents, siblings and also along with the other members of the couples entourage.

The next part of the checklist usually contains the proposed shots to be taken during the actual wedding ceremony. This would include taking shots of the entourage during the wedding march. Other shots that might be included in this checklist would be the bride and the father approaching the altar and the bride’s father giving the bride’s hand to the groom. Certainly not to be forgotten in the checklist would be the exchanging of vows as well as shots of the different wedding rituals such as the ring ceremony.

After the ceremony, there would also be a wedding photograph checklist composing of shots of the newlyweds together with the parents, friends, relatives etc. The recessional march would also warrant some shots that can also be added on the checklist. The last part of the wedding photography checklist would be of the required shots that will be taken during the wedding reception. This would usually include shots of the receiving line, the best man toasting to the newlyweds, reception rituals such as the cake cutting and the bridal toast, the bride tossing the bouquet, the groom tossing the garter as well as shots of the guests dancing. The checklist is usually capped with shots of the newlyweds getting into their wedding car and drive off.



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