Developing A Playful Attitude In A Relationship

shutterstock_119906179Couples need not always remain serious in their relationship all of the time. Laughter and humor can also help keep relationships strong and interesting. Having a playful attitude can help couples feel more comfortable with the relationship. Here are some tips to help couples develop their playful side.

Create jokes that you as a couple can only get.

Inside jokes can help keep your relationship special in a way. It is those types of jokes that both of you can understand. It may be a word or phrase that brings back a funny memory. It is something that gives couples something to laugh about and reminisce. Whenever there is tension between couples, recalling the inside joke can help diffuse the situation and put a smile into the couple’s faces.

Avoid making mean jokes.

Being playful in the relationship does not mean that any type of jokes may be accepted. There are jokes that couples should not try to bring into the relationship. Avoid jokes that can be seen as an attack on a partner. It may be making jokes that are demeaning to the other. Jokes are not meant to cause any pain towards a partner. So avoid mean jokes if ever you wish to create a more meaningful relationship.

Look at a partner’s reaction to jokes.

There are times when making fun can get out of hand. It is always important to how a partner may react to your playfulness or your jokes. Your partner may sometimes not be getting your jokes. There are certain times when a joke may not be as effective as you might think. Try to look for cues or body language from your partner to know if you push through with what you are doing or it may be better to stop.


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