Common Marriage Mistakes

marriage mistakesMarried couples go through a lot of bumps, that is a given. However, there are times when these bumps get too frequent which led to deep conflict. Here are some of the common mistakes committed by partners in their married lives.

Lack of respect – one thing they taught in leadership camp is to praise someone in public, criticize in private. It does no good to the relationship if you lambast your partner in front of your friends.

Not listening – listening is different from hearing. You might have heard her speak, but you were not listening. It is about understanding the message. Not paying attention, allowing your mind to wander, and interrupting are signs that you are not listening.

Lack of intimacy – an unromantic partnership is a bland relationship. Rediscover the passion by spicing up your nights. Go on dates. Have a second honeymoon.

Imposing one’s self – remember that you are not always right. Sometimes it is better to take the high road and accept your mistake rather than imposing your will. This also includes being greedy and selfish.

Not following your word – When you promised to do something, do it. It is as simple as that.

Overstepping your boundaries – there is friendly teasing and there is outright insult. Some of the time, there is just a thin line between them. If your spouse says stop, do so. This also includes being continuously annoying.

Dishonesty – it is hard to gain back lost trust. Open up and communicate. Air your concerns among one another.

Having temper tantrums – having an angry outburst while having an argument or a discussion is a sign of lack of respect and that you are not listening. Shouting is not the right way in resolving a conflict.


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