Common Obstacles For Marriages

Common Obstacles For Marriages

Marriage life does not always end up happy and successful. The ending can depend on how couples try their best to make it work. Yes, marriage takes effort and care from both partners to make the relationship last long. But for some couples, the hardships they experience in married life are due to the different obstacles they face. Here are some common ones that can hinder the progression of the relationship.

Too much negativity

Some couples can easily fold in times of trials and challenges in the relationship. Daily stress and problems can have an effect on the marriage if couples dwell on the negatives a bit too much. At a sign of marital issues and challenges, some couples begin to lean towards criticism, complaints and showing their frustrations and disappointments towards each other. All these negativity can eventually sink any marriage.

Always yearning for something new

Some people just cannot stay in a single relationship for too long. Once they do settle in, they begin to have feeling s of boredom and try to seek out some new romantic experiences, leading them to cheat and become unfaithful.

Living with insecurities

Even after marriage, some partners still cannot let go of their insecurities. They let it rule their relationship to the point where it can affect the other partner. Insecurities are displayed by jealousy, over controlling behavior and being too critical. All these may show a lack of trust that may end up being unfounded, all because of one’s insecurities.

Viewing marriage as the ultimate end goal

Some people work hard to get the affection of another person. That is why they try to show their best behavior during the courtship stage. Their main goal is to win the heart of the object of their affection. Once they do succeed, they see the marriage as a completed goal. In the process, some people make the mistake of ending the courtship. They feel there is no more goal to accomplish while the other partner may be expecting the same courtship experience to continue. The differences in expectations can lead to frustration and resentment that may prove to be the doom of the relationship if couples do not try to work it out.


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