Common Wives’ Complaints About Their Husbands

shutterstock_151567841Couples strive to maintain a happy marriage. But there comes a time when they go through certain trials that will challenge their bond. Sometimes it starts with complaints regarding some things that a wife thinks the husband does or does not do, and vice versa. From the perspective of a wife, here are some of the common complaints once can have about a husband.

He is not involved as a parent.

Some husbands take their responsibility as a breadwinner so seriously that they do not do anything else but to provide for the family. They forget to act as a parent and leave everything to the wife. Husbands should realize that they are the other half of the relationship and should take charge of taking care of the family at home. This includes looking after the kids and checking up on them. They should allot some time to spend with kids such as going to school events and attending some PTA meetings.

He lacks respect.

Most men have this mentality of being the top dog. They become the sole authority in everything. While this type of mentality may be considered as a benefit, it can do harm when husbands overdo it. This can sometimes get to a point where the husbands tend to look down on their wives. They do not show the level of respect due to someone they consider as their better half. This is a common complaint among wives who feel they do not get the proper respect from their husbands.

His mother interferes.

Another common complaint among wives with their husbands involves the in-laws. Most women cannot stand their husbands’ mothers interfering with their family life. Some mothers just cannot stop having their say in just about everything and want it done. Although the intentions may be good, there are times when things can become too overbearing. The fine line between help and interference in breached. Once this happens, wives begin to complain about their husbands not doing anything.

He still connects with the ex’s.

Some men just cannot seem to let go of their past loves. Although their ex-girlfriends no longer have any romantic connection with the husbands, wives feel that any form of contact with them should be severed. But the problem is, some husbands continue keeping in contact through various means such as on the social networks, during gatherings or parties. Some men just cannot seem to let go easily. It is a common complaint that many wives bring out about their husbands.

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