Common Yet Surprising Marriage Blunders

shutterstock_148272218A successful marriage takes a lot of work. It is a life-long challenge for two people to stay together, both in good as well as bad times. There can be struggles along the way. Some couples commit certain blunders that can sometimes cause the marriage to suffer. Some obvious blunders can be avoided. Some are mistakes that are not so obvious but can cause havoc into any relationship. Here are some of the more surprising ones that many couples may be guilty of.

Too Much Negativity

Negativity is a common ingredient into the falling out of relationships. Its destructive effect is not always instant. All the negativity can come as both verbal (negative comments) and non-verbal (facial expressions) actions. They can gradually erode the strong bond of the marriage. It slowly breaks the trust that holds the marriage together. Whether it is big or small, negativity has a cumulative effect that can cause a marriage to break down over time.

Loss Of Non-Sexual Displays Of Affection

Physical displays of affection can also have a big effect on the strength of any marriage. Its loss can contribute to its demise. Hugs, cuddles and kisses of the non-sexual nature aims to help couples feel comfortable with each other. This leads to deeper physical and emotional intimacy. Without these displays of affection, it is easy for couples to fall apart. The lack and eventual loss can sometimes show that there is a serious problem in the relationship. Over time, it can increase the distance between married couples. This is where cheating, unfaithfulness and sexual affairs happen. If it is not resolved, it can lead to divorce or separation.

Overzealous Selflessness Or Self-Sacrifice

There are some things that couples start with good intentions but can also become a blunder if they are misguided. The same can be said about self-sacrifice. There are times when couples under crisis need selflessness or self-sacrifice in order to survive. It sometimes may be the only answer to resolving certain marriage issues. However, when it becomes a habit, it may become a liability and cause a breakdown in marriage.

Self-sacrifice involves having to sacrifice one’s happiness, dreams, comforts, or others for the sake of one’s partner. But if it becomes a regular habit, it can develop into unhappiness and disgruntlement. An ingredient to a happy and successful marriage is happiness that both partners share, feel and enjoy. However, if one becomes too selfless to a fault, he or she may end up unhappy all of the time. The happiness balance is tilted. If it is not corrected, it might just lead to a failed relationship or a broken marriage.

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