Couple Rules For Fighting

shutterstock_150084629Conflicts and arguments are things that relationships cannot avoid. Every relationship may have its share of fighting and squabbles now and then. It is how the couple fights that matters. Conflict resolution is all about trying to work out solutions for important relationship issues. It is not just all about shouting and hurting each other with words and actions. Here are really simple rules to follow so that couples get into friendly fighting, so to speak.

Be aware of the main issue.

A couple fights because they disagree on something. That is the main issue and both partners should not forget what they are trying to resolve. When couples try to veer away from the real issue of the conflict, the fight will go nowhere.

Listen to the other side.

In order to move forward in any conflict resolution, partners need to have a ready ear to listen to the other side. You may take your stand strongly on the issue, but it will not hurt if you listen carefully to your partner’s point of view. You might even get new insight to help the issue resolve quickly.

Have a time limit in place.

One way to start and end fighting is by setting a time limit. It is a good way of taking control of the situation. It also helps prevent the conflict from getting even worse. Once you are aware that there is a time limit to the fight, then you tend to become more specific of what you wish to point out and not move away from the issue. This way, couples may even be able to solve their problems faster.

Agree to a compromise.

Some issues never get resolved by totally agreeing on the other’s viewpoint and admit the loss. There are times when the only resolution is for couples to meet halfway. Each partner should learn how to make concessions if it means putting the fight to a stop. For couples, it is not always who wins or loses. It is how the conflict is resolved with both parties agreeing on the solution.


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