How Having a Baby Will Affect Your Marriage

pregnant coupleOne of the many fruits of marriage is having a baby, which can bring much joy to both parents who are in a loving and stable relationship. 

However, expecting parents should delve deeper than guessing which between the mother and the father would the baby look like, especially when it comes to the level of commitment.  Here are some of the changes you may expect in your marriage with the coming of a new baby.

It may leave both of you cranky towards each other

Your sleep patterns would be totally thrown off as your new baby tends to wake up crying into the night, often because of the discomfort they feel from wet diapers. 

At certain times, you even would have to wake up the baby in order to feed them.  This leaves both of you with lesser sleep, which will likely make both of you cranky and irritable. 

It may even make both of you snap at each other more often, but do not take it too personally.

Team skills should be developed between new parents

The mother should not be the only one taking the responsibility of taking care of the baby.  The mother and father should be able to pull together and come up with their method of raising the child, especially once the baby grows up into a cuddly but very tantrum-prone toddler. 

Whenever a tantrum strikes your child, you need to come up with a solution, from taking them away from the public place or having them distracted by singing a song for instance. 

Remember that new parents cannot do their child-raising on their own, and they need all the help they can get from in-laws and even fellow parents.

The couple would have to stretch the budget like never before

Taking care of the baby is not only stressful, but quite expensive as well.  The thought of paying up for baby formula (if the child is bottle-fed), baby food, diapers, trips to the daycare, clothes, and even saving up for college tuition can keep you up all night. 

Staying at home more and clipping coupon could become part of the family rituals, but saving up money for the future of your baby is definitely a must and should not be taken for granted.

You fall in love with your spouse again

The way how the baby looks like either one of the parents would help you remember what made you fall in love with each other in the first place. 

You could even be more smitten at the sight of your husband (or wife) having a special bond with the baby.  This love that you share with your baby could give you more motivation than ever to make your relationship work well in the future.


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