How to Divide Responsibilities Effectively

coupleA lot of couples end up splitting simply because they can’t effectively divide household chores and familial responsibilities effectively.

Couples should be able to divide chores and responsibilities effectively to keep the household operations – and their marriage – going smoothly. Here are a few ways to keep things in your home running smoothly.


All household chores must be done at some point or another but things such as cooking, doing the dishes and doing the laundry can’t be delayed. On the other hand, chores such as dusting may be delayed a bit. List down the chores your family needs to do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

List them down

Make a list of all your household chores. Have your spouse make a list of his/her own. It is important that you do not forget to include a chore or two. Sit down with your spouse (and your kids, if you have any) to talk about who gets to do what.


Some chores can be quite unappealing – gross even. It would definitely suck for the person who has to do an unappealing chore on a regular basis. To be fair, you must compromise. For instance, you and your spouse can take turns doing that unappealing chore.

Your habits

When deciding who gets to do which chore, take your natural habits into consideration. For instance, if you are a late sleeper, it is only sensible for you to walk the dog. Or if you are an early riser, it is only reasonable that you prepare breakfast.


Hammer out your chore plan. Make sure everyone is in agreement and everyone thinks the division of labor is fair. Once you’re finally settled, display your chore plan on an area where it can be easily seen, like the refrigerator door for instance.

Do your tasks

Once your plan is in place, stick to it. It’s not a very great plan if one has to force a family member to do his/her choice. It can even cause marital problems.

Be flexible

If your spouse has a meeting or seminar to attend to, then give way. Do your spouse’s choice. Have him/her make up for them somehow. Your spouse should do the same for you. The same applies to your kids, if you have any. Dance recitals and ball games can force the family to make adjustments in the chore plan.

Lastly, to encourage your spouse to do his/her chores better, be generous with praise. Compliment them on how shiny the floor is or how clean and fresh your clothes are. And if a chore is done less than perfectly, resist the urge to nag. Nothing puts off a spouse (and kids) more than nagging.


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