Is Money Hurting Your Relationship?

money problemsMoney had the power to weaken the best of relationships if its not handled properly. Money is such a significant factors in most relationship breakdowns that managing finances has been a part of some relationship counseling services. Some couples would rather not discuss about money to avoid fights and misunderstandings but this isn’t the case. The truth is, couples can’t have a great relationship until they can communicate and agree about money.

One should also think that handling finances can also be an opportunity to improve relationship and reach agreement with couples. It’s not an agreement brought by surrender but through understanding each other’s views and finding common ground.

The first key in dealing money issues is basically by being opening about it. Keeping it as a secret wouldn’t help. While one would freak out if they learned they have to pay interests or incurred a lot of credit card debt, it’s better to disclose as much as you can to each other – salary, debt load, inheritance, savings and credit status. A conversation devoted to this is important, and it’s better to do it during leisure time instead of cramping it out on your way to work.

Some would also ask whether its advisable to join accounts or not. Figure out the expenses you’ll get into as a couple so that you can save and learn how wisely you can spend the money. Separate accounts aren’t forbidden anyway, but it’s advisable to share financial information with your partner.

It’s also important not to tie yourselves with gender roles. Don’t buy into the notion that money equals power in a marriage. Men shouldn’t feel troubled when they learn that their partners are earning more instead think of the whole financial issue as a team effort by keeping communication and discuss on fears and expectations.

Most importantly, always bear in mind that things always change. Money concerns in years to come are likely different from the past. Discuss the big money picture at least once a year. Make sure that you are aware of each other’s goals like having a child, vacations, or buying a new house.

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