Old Marriage Rules That No Longer Applicable Today

shutterstock_148834868Marriage is an important event in anyone’s life. It is a big step taken to ensure a couple’s relationship. There are also marriage rules to follow and abide by. But over the course of time, these rules are also bound to change to conform with today’s way of life and current standards. In the process, some of the marriage rules followed in the past may no longer be applicable today. Here are some of them.

Husbands are the sole breadwinners.

We live in a world where genders have become equal in a sense. The disparity between man and woman, husband and wife has shortened to the point where both see each other as equals now. In a way, the rule that man should become the sole breadwinner of the family while the wife stays at home has become outdated. There are now many job and career opportunities for women. Even before they get married, most have followed a chosen career and may not be ready to give it all up for marriage. In the economy we not have, it might not even be a wise decision. It is more common nowadays that married couples become co-breadwinners as they raise a family.

Fighting is a sign of a bad marriage.

Current couples understand that they have differences. Getting married means that they agree to live with that. But that does not always mean that everything is in harmony. There are times when married couples may disagree and fight. This is usually common among couples. But fighting does not, by any means, result automatically into a bad relationship. Married couples may fight, but when they know how to do the right thing in resolving issues as a couple, then it is okay.

Your life is no longer yours after marriage.

In a way, this might be true since marriage is a sharing of life between two people. But this no longer means that a wife should give up her own life to tend to her husband and kids. In today’s world, following this rule can make a woman feel frustrated and depressed. It is too much of a sacrifice for a woman to let everything go.

Women can still maintain a happy marriage along with having their own life. It is all a matter of balance. She can give her husband and family top priority in her life. But she should not make it her only priority. A woman also needs to look after her own needs and enjoyment in life. The satisfaction she gets from this can also affect her relationship with her husband as well as kids. Having that personal sense of fulfillment makes a wife happy and contented. This usually leads to a happier marriage.

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