Outdated Marriage Principles

Outdated Marriage Principles

The way people look at marriage today is different from what people think decades ago. The institution of marriage seems to change and evolve through time along with changes in lifestyle. This also includes the evolution of certain marriage principles. Here are some outdated ones that may no longer hold true today.

Having mutual hobbies

Many married couples today value individuality more than couples in the past did. They respect each other’s dreams, likes and dislikes and provide space for each one to pursue them within the marriage. Following the same hobby together nowadays may no longer work the way they do in the past. Of course, couples can still share something that they love to do together. But is should no longer be something forced for the sake of the relationship.

Not going to bed angry

Couples in the past make it a point not to go to bed angry at each other. They try to resolve issues before they head off to sleep. It may seem like a good principle, but most couples today may not find it an ideal way to resolve issues. For one thing, it is easier said than done. Putting a time limit on resolving issues will not fully be a workable option. Arguments are sometimes not resolved overnight because of the high emotional tension. Issues are not resolves easily when high emotions are still involved. That is why it may be a better option to sleep it off first before continuing the next day. By that time, the emotions already subside and couples are better off looking at the issue more objectively.

Marriage is over when there is no more spark

Modern couples are more aware that feelings have its ups and downs, rises and ebbs. Sometimes, the feeling no love is not a reason to break off the relationship. People can still work it out and try to make the fires burn when it has died down. People are aware that it is possible for that fire to be restarted with the right effort from both parties. It is normal for the spark to sometimes feel it is dying. It may be a necessary experience to further appreciate the marriage and the relationship you now have.


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