Reasons Women May Not Be Interested In You

shutterstock_151633760Men try their best in order to capture the interest of women. Attraction is important in starting any relationship. But no matter some men may try, they just cannot seem to keep up the interest in women that they date. Questions begin to form in their minds, “Where did I go wrong?” Here are some reasons why women may not be interested in you.

Not The Type

One main reason a woman may not be interested in you- you are not her type. It may be as simple as that. Many women have this ideal type of man that they look for in a date. It is not necessarily just about the looks. It may also be a man’s personality. If she does not find that in you, then her interest level in you may go down fast.

Lack Of Ambition

Some women look for men who can take care of them. They are interested in men who have ambition and want to reach out for something better in life. In your conversations during the date, a woman may be able to know if you are the type of man with ambition. If she does not sense this in you, that may be one reason why she is not interested.

No Follow Through

You had a good date with someone and things are looking bright. But then you arrived late on the next date. The succeeding ones, well, you cancelled because you are busy with work or other things. These actions can also cause a woman to lose interest in you. If you never follow through with the good things that happened on the first date, then a woman may just lose interest in you, even if there is mutual attraction.

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